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dragon_takashi's Journal

2 May
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It's been a while since I have been on one of these things, I had a opendiary page before but after a year I posted less and less. Mostly because I had started to see some of my poetry used else where. A chance you take when you post things online I suppose. My given nick name is Dragon, and the other day I took letters from my own name and came up with Takashi. Actually like it, maybe I'll use that instead of the name I have been using when I transition.

What this journal is about could range from my everyday drama to life long choices that I have finally put my foot down and decided upon. One of those things is going through the transition from full time or rather half time female to full time male. I may even post things or comments about my feelings about my coworkers, how I think some will take it and how others already. Few but even a couple helps when you need to do something to keep from hiding so much.

After all after I came out to three people I have known well over eight years I feel better. I no longer feel the urge to do stupid things like hurt myself.. though I still do the self blame on somethings. But that in itself is something entirely different. Anyway I'm not sure how much I will be posting here or even if this will last. I do have a myspace account though I'm really bad about updating. Not to mention I deleted the first one and don't even bother with the one I used to role play on. Feel free to add me.